The Concept

Reach Magazine is a free, full-colour, full-gloss quarterly publication that focuses on the niche market of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs make up a substantial amount of the economy of British Columbia. We plan to capture the interests of those who enjoy new innovations, fashion, social issues, and entertainment, by focusing on entrepreneurs from these industries. By featuring whom they are, how they started it, and why they do it, we plan to create a business lifestyle magazine.

Our main purpose is to provide entrepreneurs a stage where they can promote themselves. A stage where they can also educate readers on how they got to do what it is they are doing, and what back story led them on their path to success.

Their creative and unique innovations, and groundbreaking work will serve our readers by both informative and inspirational means.

Reach will evoke a sense of educative freedom, whereby its readers will gain knowledge from each article presented within its glamorous pages.

The Focus


Canada is a country that is renowned for its Fashion Entrepreneurs. The Fashion industry in Canada is an interesting one, and Reach Magazine will feature the ideas and works of different Fashion Entrepreneurs.

Intelligent Design

Every business is unique. Reach Magazine will look to feature unique entrepreneurs and their businesses. Featuring the ideas and the execution of ideas by entrepreneurs will be the focal point of this section.

Red Carpet

The Arts. Reach Magazine will seek to introduce up and coming, and established entrepreneurs that make up Canada’s rich ‘arts’ industry. Artists, musicians, actors, and more others will be featured. The Red Carpet section will show that no matter what industry an individual may work or do business in, we are all entrepreneurs at heart.

My Business

This section will be made up of different sections, which will aim at advicing entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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