6 Questions with Shannon Bosa Yacoub


ReachMag.ca is excited to bring you Shannon Bosa Yacoub’s answers to our 6 Question Series. Shannon is the proprietor of the Glowbal Restaurant Group. As a successful entrepreneur, Shannon continues to support young entrepreneurs in Vancouver, and also champions numerous women entrepreneurship issues in Canada. Check out her answers to our 6 Questions below.

Who I am I was born and raised in Vancouver.  I found myself in the restaurant business by fluke really.  I’d been studying business and then Interior Design and wanted a fun summer job….within two weeks I was hooked on the restaurant industry.  My husband Emad and I started glowbal grill in Yaletown eight years ago and we’ve been fortunate to have grown our Collection to six locations with the hopes of more in the next few years.  While I have my hands on many aspects of the company, I like to focus on a few key areas…..social media and marketing / mentoring and inspiring my people.

1)  What’s the one piece of technology that you can’t live without?
my blackberry

2) What is your favorite online resource?

Twitter –  it gives me the opportunity to be part of the local online community and to interact with guests like never before.  I love how personal it is.

3)  How many e-mails do you get in a day?
On average 50-75

4)  Tomorrow there is no internet. What do you do?
My business is based on people and therefore from an operations stand point things wouldn’t change that much.  personally….I might enjoy the break.

5) ? Are you followed or are you a follower? ?
- a bit of both maybe.  I’d like to think that I lead by example and inspire my team to be better and always strive for more.  On the other hand, I think it’s important to always have mentors and people around who live powerful lives.  I follow people who motivate me to be better.

6) What’s your favorite magazine? ?
My home is full of magazines.  I’m always reading about new places….hotels, restaurants, services, design…anything that is cutting edge and inspiring.  I love Conde Nast, Travel and Leisure, Tatler.

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