6 Questions with Stephanie Jhala


We are excited to continue our 6 Question Series with Stephanie Jhala.

Picture by Wayne Mah

Who I am I am an enthusiast that seeks adventure and is committed to being a contribution and making a difference in the world we live in.

What I do I do all the marketing for Obakki, a luxury design brand and fashion house based in Vancouver. We are also committed to positive change through our Obakki Foundation.

6 Questions

1) What’s the one piece of technology that you can’t live without?
Besides my iPhone, the EPILATOR. No, it is not a weapon (but might as well be).  Women will know what it is. Men might not, but I promise are thankful for its existence.

2) What is your favorite online resource?
Google Analytics (and all Google things alike). Numbers aren’t everything but they sure tell you a lot about your business (plus I am a nerd and love pretty graphs).

3) How many e-mails do you get in a day?
Sometimes too many. I definitely value picking up the phone and connecting with others through the enjoyment of conversation rather than sending another email.

4) Tomorrow there is no internet. What do you do?
Book an open-ended ticket and travel the world, starting in India.

5) Are you followed or are you a follower?
A bit of both. Leaders create other leaders. That is how we make things bigger than the self.

6) What’s your favorite magazine?
One (of many) is Corduroy Magazine. It’s photography is simplistic yet beautiful and is written elegantly and seamlessly. http://www.corduroymag.com/

About the author

Hi There, My name is Dammy O and i am the founder of Reach Magazine. Thank you for coming on to our site, and pls do not hesitate to comment if you have any questions. You can get a hold of me via twitter. My twitter handle is @DammyO.

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  1. MizzJ says:

    Awesome feature! Stephanie is a warm, friendly person, which is hard to find in this city. She always has a smile on her face whenever I’ve seen her!

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